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The real value of your RCC framework property after Earthquake

The devastation in Nepal is one of the greatest in the whole history of the country since the past 8 decades. What the natives and the various guests of the country from the world over witnessed in the mountain country Nepal, is not what anyone would like to be a part off or even imagine to see with their naked eyes. And for those who were a part of it, God was the only hope. Land shaking like everything above the ground would fall down and level up. Can man do anything to prepare against the same? The common feel helpless but this is where the experts come into play to make the difference, probably just as much as would save lives. For natural calamities like this, you need to plan much in advance; others would just run for life at the last time.

Apartment View

Browsing through the news on the internet, I kept seeing so many pictures. With so many buildings down initially, a feeling came to my mind that none of the people inside would have managed to survive. Still many were saved from the debris. So many cracks in a home and the tilted monuments were just a parameter to describe the level of devastation. While it was destruction all around but all of a sudden my attention was caught by one picture where there  was one home standing in the middle of the devastated many houses in the surroundings. The house was not a single storey house but a multi story one of around 6 floors and amazingly with levels more than a regular house it still managed to hold in the strong quake. The first question that would have come up to many is how come only this building was left standing, how strong and more. However the second more important thing that people watching must have thought would have been is “the value of that house”. What if they were in this house? 

You do not need any explanations of logics to explain the importance of that house or the saneness
the owner/ builder of that house would have shown while making it. Costly, but nothing is more than life. The people around the world would start doing the currency conversion to find out the cost of that house with the technique and the material he would have used, but the value is best described by the man who is standing outside his brought down home with his family inside.

People with homes brought down are now in the open fields under the tents. And to add to the misery, there starts rain, ok, still manageable. The tents are water proof, but what about the storm accompanied with the rain? The children in the palms of the mother or left over parents are frightened with this scenario. Looking towards the same house would now make most of  them realize that it was probably one of the biggest mistakes of their lives to have negotiated with the quality of their homes in this aspect. After surviving the quake, that homes gives the 5 th wall on top, a protection from further calamities of the angry nature as well.

At this point in time, many would like to put everything they are left with to buy a small space
in that strong home. No wonder, the resale price has any comparison at this time. Building a new one would take time, however until then, that is a priceless deal. So what was actually a timely decision is not just a reason for jealousy but an inspiration to most.

This earthquake in Nepal has had a huge impact on people of Nepal. More around 10000 people
are feared dead and many injured. The main reason behind this destruction is flaw in infrastructure or the building technology. We know that we can’t save every thing but we can save many lives through advance building technology. “Sendai MT Building” which is situated in Japan, It is the best example of advanced building technology that faced earthquake in year 2011 and remain undamaged. So construction technology with earthquake resistance system has great importance in present time.

We have been reading in newspaper & magazines from past few years. “Earthquake” is one disastrous weapon of nature to destroy a well developed city easily. Currently all nations around the world are worried about the same and they created an organization named “World Agency for planetary Monitoring and Earthquake Risk Reduction”.

The main work of this organization is to focus on disaster risk reduction and rescue planning
after consequences of earthquake. There are many earthquake resistance technologies that have been introduced from past few years which resist a building from an earthquake attack.

Those technologies are following:

 Base Isolation

 Spherical Sliding Isolation Systems

 Energy Dissipation Devices

 Fluid Viscous Dampers

 RCC Frame Structure

RCC frame structure is a latest earthquake resistance technique which is most commonly used during
construction of multi floor building in present time. RCC means “Reinforced Cement Concrete”. RCC frame structure has many advantages-

 Material which is used in RCC is easily available.

 It is durable and long lasting.

 It is Fire resistant and not prone to termites.

 It is economical in ultimate cost.

 Cost of maintenance is nil.

 The reinforced concrete member can be cast to any shape because of the fluidity of concrete.

Move with the change and go with the technology for what the cost is a little more today, could be priceless at a moment like this. Ask the experts and do the best that can be done. Many builders in India use many steps towards the same. RCC framework is one amongst them. If not  the many advancements, we recommend atleast you consider the builders who use the RCC framework while making the mega housing projects. The governments would start giving more stern regulations expectedly too, but the consumers have a louder voice. We wish that God, who gave this pain, gives lots of courage to the affected as well.

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