Friday, 5 June 2015

Changes that come in your apartment after you marry

Changing, a fix rule of god and we can not do any think. We born as a small child and time after time we grow. And that times comes then we get marriage. And after marry we feel that some change in your life and your apartment also. Now your apartment looks more beautiful more decor with your new life partner.

Apartments in base of your life when you just come in your apartment , at that time it is a house and after some time you you feel some feeling of your apartment , it is change in your home or sweet home.In your apartment you have been create so much great and bad moments of your life and you just remember that
this is happen in this home. it is called felling or emotion.

You can It called free life no body can ask that what times you eat and you can wondering and your flats not looks good because all of your clothes and other item throw here and there, and no body can ask why you do this.
We all know that room condition of the boys are so bad when he stay in a apartment.This is right and we all agree of this.
When you got marriage, your all friends and your family think that your apartment now well decor and well mention after your marriage.

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